I have tried many different dental labs over the years and have been amazed at the differences in quality, price, and consistency. I am so happy I found JC's Dental Designs. What I look for in my fixed pros lab is quality, consitency, esthetics, and fit. The techs at JC's have the experience, know how, and artistic talent to deliver exactly what I'm looking for, every time. When I can deliver a crown without adjusting the perfect contacts or occlusion, it decreases the amount of chair-time it takes, especially when it is multiple units at a time. My patients are happy. I'm happy. Thank you JC's!

Dallas M Woolf


JC'S Dental Designs has been my lab for the last 4 years. I am always very happy with the results.  I appreciate his honesty, precise work, and how he will go the extra mile to make sure my patient and I are both pleased. Keeping on schedule and not running late is very important to my practice and me.  Jim's crown and bridgework allows me to stay on schedule because their product has a very nice fit, look, and function.  I can say many great things about his product but the most important to me is the man behind the product. He runs his business in a fair and honest way.  He is available to speak to me and visit our office to discuss dental cases.  I don’t hesitate to recommend his services to all.

Brannon Gunnell


I have been working with JCs Dental Design since September of 2006, averaging 2-3 units with them per work day.  This is a high quality lab!!  Their ceramics come back with shade character and proper form, looking absolutely beautiful.  Yet what I think I enjoy most is the individual attention and thought they give to each case.  This is not a factory where you wonder which new worker was in when your case arrived.  Week after week, month after month, year after year, each case is taken seriously and handled in a highly professional way.  I have found my crown margins to be consistently accurate. Contacts require very little adjustment because they always fit them to a solid model.  If there is a question regarding the occlusion, they call you. They don’t just make the case and hope for the best.  And they do all this without you having to spell it out on the lab slip.  Right after I switched to JCs Dental Design, I saw my remake percentage on crowns plummet, as well as my average crown seat time.  By the way, the cases always arrive on time or early and they are able to take on any case type that I have, from implants, to survey crowns, to veneers, to inlays and onlays.  Their fees on each procedure are very reasonable making the value even better.  I couldn't recommend a lab more highly than I do JCs Dental Design.

Dr. Timothy Gailey, Chandler AZ